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Your Favorite Memories in Your Favorite Places.

Capture and preserve those favorite memories and put them anywhere for years to come.

Garden Art

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How it works


Find or take any high quality (2 megapixels or larger) photo that makes you smile or captures your favorite memories.


Submit photo(s) in .jpg format that will be optimized in house with powerful photo editing software, paired with your choice of  text. 

Printed and Shipped

Images will then be printed onto commercial  grade exterior vinyl with a UV protective overlay, along with your choice of text and font. Items can be picked up or shipped


Preserve those memories in the garden, on the car, on the porch, or wherever you wish to preserve your memory for years to come.


The first item in our product line is referred to by us as "Garden Art." Garden Art was designed to use outdoors and will arrive with an aluminum stake that you may attach to and place in the ground, however, many of these end up on display indoors for year round enjoyment. All of your images will be printed onto a commercial grade vinyl with a protective overlay to prevent the suns harmful rays from fading the image for up to 8 years! Garden Art plaques measure eight inches by ten inches.

The next in our line is the "Hanging Spinner." Created using the same initial process, the hanging spinners are suited for outdoor use, featuring a chain for hanging and spinner device allowing for 360° of enjoyment! Hang these from grandma's favorite tree or near Fido's final resting place for a peaceful memorial and a smile. These are meant for use outdoors in the breeze, working wonderfully on the porch or carport areas as well. Spinners measure eight inches by ten inches. 

Smart Car with magnet supporting local Highschool

The last unique products in our line are the "Magnets." Magnets come in two sizes but are still digitally printed onto exterior grade vinyl before being applied to commercial quality magnet in two and half inch by four inch, or ten by twelve inch sizes. The small ones are great for the fridge or exterior doors while the larger ones are great for cars, tractors, or anything a magnet will stick to! As is with all of our products, Magnets can be personalized using your choice of text applied to the uploaded photo(s).

Small Magnets
Large Magnets

About Us

We are a family owned business with over 75 years combined experience in the sign industry. Our passion for animals and love of art have led us to the creation of Garden Art Memories. Let us help you design a personalized memorial you will be proud to show off. We want to share a smile by helping to preserve your photos in way for the world to see! 

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